Fly Me To You

Fly Me To You ✈


A "Fly Me To You" (FMTY) arrangement would consist of me coming exclusively to you for a date. This can consist of me being eye candy for you at your work party, we can enjoy a night on the town together, we can enjoy a nice dinner and movie date, or we could just spend time together privately getting to know one another. The sky is the limit, and I am open to many different activities from five star restaurants, to getting dirty outside while fishing. Our time together is what makes these dates a great option for those who want to see me - yet do not live locally.


Travel Arrangements

I would be willing to drive to any area within a 4 hour driving distance. Keep in mind this would be considered an outcall. All outcalls have a $100 travel fee PER hour that is sent in advance.


ANY areas that are more than 4 hours driving distance from NE Ohio will require payment for airfare sent to me in advance! 

A 50% deposit is required for the total duration of our arrangement. I will inquire the other 50% during my visit with you.

I will be in control of setting up my own travel plans. Therefore, airfare and deposit must be sent in advance before I will consider our rendezvous confirmed.

Based on the extravagant experience of a FMTY date, an overnight date is preferred. Anything shorter or longer will be considered and discussed after screening.


 (Photo not mine, credit to poster on Google Images)